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Jane Remm is an artist, art teacher and artistic researcher. Remm's work focuses on on the representation of the experience of nature, communication and co-creation with different life forms. She is interested in understanding and interpreting the experience of other species and communicating with them as equal dialogue partners via visual media. She values manual working and co-creation with other species as a way of perceiving herself as part of nature


Jane Remm has studied at Tartu Art College (1996 - 1999), University of Tartu, Department of Fine Art (BA 2003), majoring in painting (BA 2003) and the Estonian Academy of Arts in the department of interdisciplinary arts (MA 2007). She is currently a doctoral student in the Estonian Academy of Arts. She works as the lecturer of art didactics at Tallinn University, BFM. Works in collections: Tartu Art Museum and private collections.  She is a member of the Estonian Painters' Association.

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