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One emotion - five seconds in life, 120 video stills. Moments pass by, we don't fix them and those possible 120 portraits in 5 seconds will be lost for the eye, we only receive the emotion which they form together. In this installation different faces of an emotion were caught separately and  then added on top of each other. Emotions as we would see them in timeless world.


Exhibited at a group exhibition in 2007, in Wolstenholme Projects, Liverpool, UK and at personal exhibition Portraits in Hobusepea Gallery, Tallinn, Estonia.

Moths and butterflies associate for me with childhood memories. My grandfather was a known entomologist. At his farewell ceremony in the hall of University of Tartu, I saw as a small girl a butterfly flying from the window into the coffin, being like a connection between the past and the present. For this project I collected moths for a month whereever I was. I fixed the story of their death and my thoughts in this very time and place. Looking closely the death of a moth, brought a lot of thoughts, among them  thoughts connected to the so called butterfly effect. What does killing a butterfly change in the world?

2009, installation, with artists' group Redhaus

The series consisted of five mixed media installations depicting the cliche heros connected to the sea. We offered a possible view how to depict mythological heros in contemporary point of view.


Exhibited at the international exhibition Sea level, in 2009, in Manege, St. Petersbrug, Russia.

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