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"I Was Here" was a collaborative performance of Redhaus and director Yuri Muravicki (Moscow). The performance which combined visual art, theatre and music, was based on interviews collected in Estonia and Russia. People were asked what kind of mark they want to leave behind them, who is their role model, what do they not want to leave behind them and what do they think they will actually leave. The central story was formed by the second coming and heroic deeds of Yuri Gagarin, the cosmonaut.


The performance was played in 2012, in Suzdal, Russia and in 2013, in Tallinn Estonia. The photos were exhibited in Moscow and Tallinn.

2006, video, 10:35

This narrative experimental video  visualises life where time isn't linear moving. All three characters of the film sense time "in a wrong way". Anton is very punctual - strange things happen to him if he is late even for a second. Baul is unwittingly travelling in time. The character of Constant is visualising the imagination of non-linear time - he exists in all moments in the same time.


Made as the master film in Estonian Academy of Arts. Exhibited at duo exhibition "Compulsion of Time" (with Minna Hint) in 2006, in Tallinn City Gallery.

2004, performance

"My Grandfather Was a Butterfly" was a performance about dreams. I attached nailed butterflies to my chest, which formed a white canvas for them. The pain from nailing the butterflies and the pain about their death was expressed in a mad, un-coordinated, ritual dance.


Performed in 2004, at performance festival Welcome Gold, in SoToDo Open Space, Berlin, Germany.

"Entanglement" is a video about confusion and hiding, punishment and purification, dreaming and being awake. It is a narrative experimental video piece combining elements of video and performance art. Its dream-like sequence reflects the symbol of being trapped, trapped by your own mind. The reality you're in is a nightmare, you escape from it, but the reality you get into, turns out to be worse. Pain and cure melt together, giving all together a purifying experience.


Exhibited in 2005, at the degree show of Hull College of Art and Design, Hull, UK.

"Dinner for Two" was a performance with morbid athmosphere. It followed the frame of a tree course meal, starting with soup, followed by second course and desert, ending with coffee and cigaretes. My partner at the "romantic" dinner was a sculpture, my own alter ego, who observed the activites as a dumb witness. The sculpture, which followed my body forms and was covered with photo memories from the past, represented the bodyless side of ego - memories, future projections, fears and unknown.


Performed in 2005, in Y-Gallery, Tartu, Estonia.

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