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Estonian forest


Estonians are known as one of the least religious people in the world. It may be said, that if they have any religion at all, it is the belief into trees and forest. Half of the country is covered with forests and people still have personal relationship with it. Lifestyle which is so closely linked to forest is rare in the world.

'Wild space' is the initial concept for this series of paintings. In Estonian, 'wild" (metsik) proceeds from 'forest' (mets). Wilderness was opposed to the cultivated Christian land already in the Middle Ages, offering a good target  for conquer in the role of "the other". Though most of the forests have felt the organizing hand of the human, for instance for forestry or nature tourism, their charm lays in the uncivilized structure. Paintings of forests act as views into the Estonian forest focusing on the rhytm of trees.

The works have been exhibited at group exhibitions "Trees" in Tartu Art House, in August 2016, also at solo exhibition "Endless Winter" in cafe Boheem, March 2017.

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